About this blog

It has been almost 7 years now that I had set out on a journey into the unknown. I was starting my independent research career, had just been awarded a research grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and was on a mission to start a new research project to investigate how pregnancy can induce a natural improvement of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). For those not familiar with RA, it is a chronic inflammatory disease of the joints that is the cause of significant disability and poor quality of life for millions of people (1 in every 100 adults) worldwide. There is no cure for RA; current medications have significant side effects and are ineffective in a large proportion of patients. My goal was to understand how RA gets better naturally during pregnancy, and ultimately use that knowledge to develop new and improved RA treatment with minimal side-effects (i.e. mimic the effect of pregnancy) to improve the lives of patients. This journey has been quite an experience. It took me into a culture that was entirely new to me (Denmark), but where people welcomed me and gave me respect; understood and shared my desire to find new knowledge that can help the many people who live with RA; helped me make my research idea a reality; embarked on this journey with me and gave me some life-long friendships. It’s been a journey with many ups and downs, but along the way, this experience has taught me a lot about: how people live with a disabling and incurable chronic disease, cross-cultural human kindness, the selfless motivation to help other fellow humans just for the sake of humanity, and resilience and hope in a world of dwindling research funding. Through this blog, I would like to relate this story. I will also use this blog as a platform to share information about past and present research in the field of RA pregnancy.